Our Approach

We are organization that beliefs in love, giving and equal right as a result of our orientation about mankind that any one in a challenge wish he or she could receive a help from Privilegedd next neighbour and this is what we believe that actually makes world go round.

We have embarked on a mission to continually console abandoned old men and women, assist orphans, assist the widows, support the people who are not Privileged as others. We realized that they are same human being as we are and have same blood running in their system but they were either not born with a silver spoon or victim of disastrous circumstance as brought about by nature or mankind. Such has made numbers of Nigerians displaced, homeless and hinders them from accessing good living standards. The less-

The less-Privileged children and youth often turned out to become nuisance, prostitutes, terrorists, victims of human trafficking and so on if not given the required attention, but same less Privilegedd children could turn out to become the leaders of tomorrow if accorded with the required supports, care and right orientations. As such, we are motivated to provide hope and love through encouragement and supports to the less Privileged children, youths, widows, abandoned old men and women within and around Nigeria neighborhood by supporting them financially, morally and materially.