As theCOVID-19 pandemic quickly overwhelms health systems across the globe, developing countries has begun their fight with limited resources and already-struggling systems.
COVID-19’s impact on low-income countries is likely to be devastating. Hand washing is difficult if you don’t have clean water and soap, not to talk of sanitizer affordability and social distancing isn’t an option for those who can’t self-isolate.
Treatment efforts in developing countries like Nigeria with very large population are also hampered by inadequate healthcare infrastructure and limited resources. This means people who are living in extreme poverty are less able to provide their households and protect themselves from falling ill and less able to access treatment if they do.
At Evidence Action we are seeking to leverage our existing resources and relationships to support these communities in their response to COVID-19 through our various causes and interventions systematically.

Social Work Initiative

Consolation Foundation Social Work Initiative caters for the home-less and displaced people in Nigeria.

Under the Social Work Initiative Humanitarian Efforts Consolation Foundation cares and extends gestures inform of sharing food items, distributing material gifts, giving monetary supports among others to generally encourage the less privileged individuals and families comprising of abused children, underprivileged youths and segregated old people toward making them thrive and survive.

We strongly believed in rendering help to the needy continuously, this has formed our culture and a way of fulfilling what we set as one of our core charity mandates.